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Improvement in your muscle health, strength and appearance and your ability to lose weight are all directly affected by how fast you can recover from exercise. All exercise, especially training with weights, causes inflammation which can build up and slow your transformation gains. An inflamed body is not what you want both appearance-wise and for your long-term health. Inflammation is also a major cause of weight gain. You’ll never reach your transformation goals with an inflamed body!

Rehan’s RECOVERY is a powerful daily “inflammation support” supplement that can help tame the flames of cellular inflammation. Rehan’s RECOVERY powder uses the latest research with three top natural inflammation support ingredients, Curcumin from the wonder spice Turmeric, a potent extract from the ginger root, and bromelain - a top enzyme that supports an improved inflammation response in the body. These ingredients combine to help ease the stress of your daily activity on your muscles, your joints , and throughout your body. They even help with digestion and GI support. 

RECOVERY is a very important supplement in your transformation program. You can take it alone with water or do \ add to your Transformation protein shake. It tastes great either way!

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