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5 Protein Recipes That Deliver On Flavor And Results
By: Teresa Parker

Whether you’re the type of person who spends hours in the kitchen perfecting new recipes, or someone who relies on a few go-to’s, optimizing your protein shake recipe should be a top priority. You want to balance flavor with ingredients that help you crush your fitness goals—but that can be an overwhelming endeavor. We know you’re working around the clock and doing what you can to make health and fitness one of your first priorities. The last thing you’re probably thinking about is finding the best protein shakes. 

Well, we’re here to tell you that creating the perfect protein shake recipe is a lot easier than you might think—and it’s a worthy investment of your time. 

It all comes down to two basic questions: 

  1. What are your fitness goals? Are you looking to bulk up, get lean, or lose weight?
  2. What are your dietary restrictions (if any)?

With the answer to those questions guiding you, you’ll be well on your way to perfecting the best protein shake recipe to help you crush your goals.


Looking to build muscle and bulk up? It’s time to hit the kitchen!  Don’t worry, minimal prep work is required. With a few quick ingredients, you’ll be whipping up these protein-packed smoothies before you can even finish your daily read on Men’s Health.

PB & J shake

PB & J shake

PB and J is one of our favorite post-workout protein shake recipes for when you’re craving something refreshing that’ll hit hard on the protein. The recipe calls for adding PB powder which gives you 8 more grams of protein, giving you a total of 38 grams! —helping you build muscle and stay satiated. 

And don’t forget: consuming protein post-workout helps minimize your recovery time and heal tissue damage so you’re experiencing no downtime in-between workouts.   

PB & J Recipe

-  1 serving Transformation Protein powder

-  One serving PB powder

-  1 cup low sugar/ low fat coconut yogurt

- 1/2 cup strawberries and blueberries  

- 12 ounces almond milk

- 1 cup Ice (optional)

Nutrition Facts

- Serving size: 1 smoothie

- Carbs: 30g

- Protein: 42g

- Fat: 8g

- Calories: 360


- 1 serving Vanilla Transformation Protein

- 3 eggs

- 2 tbs Peanutbutter

- 2 tbs coconut oil

- 1/2 tsp baking powder

- 1/4 tsp salt

Nutrition Facts

- Serving size 2 waffles

- 490 calories 

We know that juggling a demanding career and making sure you’re hitting enough reps can be tough, which is why every choice you make should be strategic. Building muscle is a commitment to your health and it doesn’t come easy if you’re not fueling your body with the right foods, drinking enough water and consuming enough protein. 


We know that while there’s a good chunk of you out there who want to flaunt those bulging biceps, (and please, don’t be shy!), that kind of fitness goal isn’t for everyone. 

With the help of at-home fitness providers, like Peloton, it’s become a lot easier to build that lean muscle you’ve been longing for ever since you first saw Kim K on E! 

Of course, it’s not all about the workout if you can’t fuel your body properly. One way in which you can build lean muscle is by consuming plenty of Omega-3 fatty acids that are found in eggs, certain types of fish, or hemp hearts. Omega-3s play an important role in overall muscular health. However, it’s not always convenient to eat these foods post-spin, which is why a healthy protein shake recipe is a fantastic alternative. Plus, post-workout protein shakes help ensure you’re getting the most out of your workout. 


Caramell Coconut Coffee

Caramel Coconut Coffee is a great protein shake to fuel your mornings while giving your caffeine fix in one go.

Caramel Coconut Coffee Recipe

- 1 serving Transformation Protein powder

- 1/4 cup heavy coconut cream

- 1 cup of coconut milk

- 1 tbsp instant coffee

- 1 tsp (sugar-free) caramel creamer 

Nutrition Facts

- Serving size: 1 smoothie

Protein 32 g

- Carbs 21 g

- Fat: 24 g

- Calories: 428


the greek yogurt parfait

The Greek Yogurt Parfait Recipe

- 1 cup nonfat Greek yogurt

- 1 scoop Transformation Protein

- 1/4 cup frozen strawberries and blueberries thawed

- 2 tablespoons high protein/low sugar granola

- 1-ounce Almonds

- 1 serving ~450 calories

Mix Transformation Protein with Non-fat Greek yogurt
layer in granola, fruit, and yogurt

Nutrition Facts

- Serving size: 1 parfait

- Protein: 33 g

- Carbs: 35 g

- Fat: 4 g

- Calories: 308

What we love about these healthy shakes is that they balance protein with great flavor. Because they’re protein-rich (and low on sugar) you’ll be fuller, for longer.


For many of us, it can be a difficult realization when it’s time to shed a few extra pounds. Managing a demanding career, putting family first or simply not being educated on health or fitness can lead us to gain a few extra on the scale than we’d like. One of our favorite ways to balance the struggle is to ensure you’re getting enough protein at breakfast, upwards of 30 grams, that will help boost your metabolism, keep you full for longer and avoid any unnecessary snacking or impulse cravings. 

You may even notice a change in your overall energy levels. So, how about a nutritious protein shake recipe for the most important meal of the day? But not just breakfast, this shake makes the perfect lunch, or after work snack while you’re preparing dinner. Just remember that healthy weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. You need to maintain a consistent schedule of working out and eating right – and starting off your day with a healthy protein shake is a step in the right direction! 


Raspberry Banana Smoothie

Raspberry Banana Smoothie Recipe

-  1 servingTransformation Protein powder

- 1/4 cup frozen raspberries and bananas (may try adding blueberries and blackberries)

- 1 1/2 cups unsweetened almond milk

- 1 tbsp. chia seeds

Nutritional Facts

- Serving size: 1 smoothie 

- Protein: 30 g

- Carbs: 20 g

- Fat: 8 g 

- Calories: 272 cal

We’re not going to lie to you, this recipe is delicious just as it is, but the great thing about it is that it’s so easily modified depending on your preferences. If you like the sounds of the Raspberry-Banana but are looking to cut out some carbs, simply opt for less fruit. 

Play around with the ingredients, customize to your caloric intake and start seeing results!


No matter your fitness goals, healthy protein shakes should be a vital part of your routine. Whether the priority is bulking up, gaining lean muscle or weight loss, the quality should not be compromised. Just like you wouldn’t want to waste a tough workout by scarfing down cheeseburgers afterward, the same applies to the ingredients that are in your protein. 

The best protein shakes start with quality and Transformation Protein rises well above the other options on the market. With no artificial sweeteners, flavors or additives, you can feel confident that what you’re putting in your body will only help you achieve your fitness goals. 

Plus, ingredients such as egg-white protein can support lean muscle growth, ease muscle recovery and promote fat metabolism. Want to double down on immunity? Add Super Greens. This blend of nature’s best greens contains high levels of Vitamin C which can greatly impact your total body transformation and a great addition to any of the protein shake recipes. 

Remember, staying active is only part of your fitness journey. No matter your goals, Transformation Protein contains all the essential ingredients you need for post-workout recovery.