Does Collagen Protein Build Muscle? – What You Need to Know
Does Collagen Protein Build Muscle? – What You Need to Know
By: Transformation Brian

Ever wondered about the buzz surrounding collagen supplements? Well, you're not alone.

Collagen supplement sales are making a name for themselves, set to take up about 2% of the dietary supplements market by the end of 2022.

That's not all; a report from Future Market Insights predicts that the global demand for collagen supplements will skyrocket to $2.8 billion by 2032.

These special proteins are known for helping bones, skin, hair, and nails stay healthy. However, it's not just about radiant skin or strong nails.

Studies show that collagen has the potential to promote muscle growth and recovery. Yet, the big question remains: is collagen a good source of protein for building muscle?

In this post, we'll discuss what makes collagen unique, the benefits it brings, and the science behind those claims of muscle growth.

Could collagen protein be the missing secret for building muscle, or is it just a passing trend? We're about to find out!

Understanding collagen protein

In the past few years, the beauty and health industries have been all about collagen, claiming it's the secret to youthful skin, happy joints and muscles.

But what's the deal with collagen proteins, and can they really do all that?
Think of collagen as your body's natural "glue."

It's silently working behind the scenes, to keep your skin, bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments in top shape, giving you that strength and flexibility.

Here's the plot twist: our bodies naturally produce this amazing protein, but as we get older, collagen production decreases. UV radiation, not-so-healthy eating habits, and the occasional smoke break can lower collagen levels.

As collagen decreases, those classic signs of aging start to make their appearance - you know, the wrinkles, the joint creaks, and the "I used to be stronger" moments.

Collagen is not a single entity but comes in various types, with Type I, II, and III being the most prevalent.Each type has its specific functions, but we’ll focus on Type I. Because it's the one that's been turning heads in the muscle-building game.
Now, let’s have a look at its effects on muscle building.

Collagen and muscle-building

To get the lowdown on how collagen proteins work their magic in muscle growth, we've got to dive into the intriguing world of collagen protein secrets. The key to collagen's muscle-boosting benefits lies in its impressive amino acid lineup, featuring glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline.

So what does it bring to the table for muscle growth, recovery, and repair?

Upgraded muscle strength

a person about to lift barbellImage source: Jonathan Borba

Collagen protein packs a punch with a diverse array of amino acids, including the muscle-building essentials glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline.

In fact, a study published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism revealed that collagen supplements can supercharge muscular performance, offering athletes and fitness enthusiasts that extra edge.

Say goodbye to injuries

Collagen supplements take center stage in preserving the structural integrity of tendons, ligaments, and fascia. This strong support system greatly reduces the chance of injuries during workouts.

Incorporating collagen into your routine acts like a safety net, keeping your muscle-building goals on track without pesky interruptions.

Faster muscle recovery

A study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition showcased the incredible potential of collagen protein in minimizing post-workout muscle soreness and inflammation.

Faster recovery times mean more frequent training sessions, ultimately translating to those coveted muscle gains.

Happy, healthy joints

Effective workouts start with pain-free joints, and that's where collagen plays a starring role.

A study in The International Journal of Medical Sciences highlighted the potential of collagen in reducing joint discomfort, ensuring your joints remain flexible and functional throughout your fitness journey.

But we're not done yet! While collagen's amino acid profile and its role in collagen synthesis sound promising, it's time for a showdown against the heavyweights of the protein world, like whey, casein and egg white protein.

Collagen vs. traditional proteins

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To begin, collagen's muscle-boosting mechanism differs from that of whey, casein and egg white protein.

Collagen protein flexes its muscle-building powers through the amino acid glycine.

However, it may not deliver the same muscle-boosting impact as whey and casein, as it lacks those essential amino acids, especially the muscle-igniting leucine.

That means while collagen does hold its own in the muscle game, it's not as potent as whey, casein or egg white protein when flying solo.

Let’s go into detail;

Amino acid profile

Whey, casein, and egg white proteins boast complete amino acid profiles, providing all the essential amino acids necessary for muscle growth.

Collagen, while rich in specific amino acids, may not offer the same broad spectrum of essential amino acids.

Digestion and bioavailability

Whey and egg white proteins are the sprinters, known for their swift digestion and quick absorption, ideal for post-workout recovery.

Casein offers a sustained release of amino acids, suitable for nighttime use.

Collagen takes its own path – not as fast as whey or egg white, but it brings the promise of unique benefits for muscle recovery and joint support.

Goals and timing

The choice between these proteins boils down to your specific goals and when you prefer to fuel up. Whey and casein are your go-tos for post-workout and nighttime needs, respectively.

Egg white protein is a versatile all-rounder.

Collagen protein? Well, it's your trusty companion for muscle recovery, fighting off that post-workout soreness, and keeping those joints in tip-top shape.

Expert opinions and findings

Let's dive into what the pros have to say because they've got some pretty exciting insights on how collagen can boost those muscles.

Recent studies have shown that adding collagen to your routine can help you build more muscle and get stronger, especially if you're into resistance training. That's a win-win for anyone looking to level up their workout game.

According to Sports Nutrition Specialist, Dr. Jennifer Walker, collagen proteins offer a unique blend of amino acids giving your muscles the fuel they need to grow and recover.

Collagen protein can improve body composition and muscle function, making it a valuable asset for individuals of all ages looking to enhance their muscle health.

So, you've heard it from the experts - collagen could be your fitness ally for muscle growth and a quicker bounce-back after those intense workouts! It means you can hit the gym again sooner than you'd think.

How to pick the perfect collagen supplement for muscle-building

man in black long sleeve shirt and black pants sitting on exercise equipmen in gymImage source: Anastase Maragos

Selecting the right collagen supplement for your muscle-building goals requires a discerning eye. First things first, you want to keep an eye out for collagen peptides that are hydrolyzed.

This fancy term simply means the collagen molecules have been broken down into smaller, more absorbable pieces. It's like upgrading the expressway for your body, making sure it can efficiently use that collagen to help those muscles grow.

This enhances the bioavailability of collagen supplements and ensures your body can efficiently utilize it for muscle growth.

Next up, look for supplements that are loaded with Type I collagen, known for its muscle-supporting properties.

If you want to supercharge your muscle-building journey, think about going for a supplement that's not just collagen but a mix of other essential amino acids or proteins. It's like giving your muscles a buffet of nutrients to feast on.

As always, quality matters. So make sure you're getting your collagen supplements from reputable manufacturers who prioritize purity and potency.

By keeping these considerations in mind, you'll be well on your way to unlocking the full muscle-boosting potential of collagen and crushing your fitness goals.

Let’s wrap things up

And there you have it, the muscle-building potential of collagen is backed by science, expert opinions, and a growing body of evidence.

It’s safe to say that collagen supplements aren't just another passing trend in the world of fitness and nutrition. They're here to stay, and they're here to help you reach your muscle-building goals.

The choice between collagen protein, whey, casein, or egg white proteins really comes down to your personal goals, dietary preferences, and the timing of your protein intake.

You might even consider mixing and matching these proteins to get the best of both worlds. Just like our Total Body Protein that combines premium egg white, collagen, and plant proteins.

Remember, the best protein for building muscle is the one that suits your unique needs and enhances your fitness journey.

So, whether you're aiming for more strength, endurance, or overall muscle mass, don't miss out on the potential of collagen.

It's not just a supplement; it's an innovative solution that could take your workouts to the next level.

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