The Complete Weight Loss Workout Plan for Men
The Complete Weight Loss Workout Plan for Men
By: Brian Wargula

Now’s the Perfect Time to Commit to a New Routine

Alright, let's face it––we all put on some weight as the dead of winter rolls around and the holidays are over. But now it's that time to turn it all around again. It’s the perfect time to commit to getting back in shape. It will not be as arduous or hard as you may think. So don’t dread it and start living it! We have the perfect tips that will help you refocus and recommit. Think new year, same you - but better.

Decide that you want to get that cut body back and hit the gym, no excuses. Gaining the lean muscle you always wanted is easy with a little bit of focus.

Here’s where to start:

List Your Goals. 

Decide what your fitness/weight/size goals are and go from there. Make them realistic and achievable. Remember that it's not always about lbs. Keep in mind your goals for inches and muscle tone as well. If you are looking to bulk up there are plenty of ways and guidance that you can follow to bulk up without gaining fat. Write down your goals and keep them somewhere accessible. Refer back to them and track your progress.

The Key to Getting in Shape

How to get back in shape centers primarily around finding a routine of diet and exercise that is healthy for you and that works for you. Aiming to follow a fad diet, for instance, that is not going to be compatible with your lifestyle is a great way to fall off the horse and not reach your goals. How to get lean fast is really dependent on how you eat––just as much as how you workout. 


Wanna know how to get in shape fast? You’ll want to shoot for a combination of cardio and strength training. Also note that too much cardio can impact how much lean muscle mass you build. So maybe skip doing cardio every day of the week.

Remember that it takes time to see results: set aside anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks for you to really notice a difference.


Bottom line is that you can’t out-exercise a bad diet, no matter how hard you go at the gym. The best thing you can do to get lean fast is to focus on filling your body with healthy, whole foods.

  • Avoid processed foods or anything with added sugars and empty carbs
  • Incorporate supplements to make sure your body is getting all the nutrition it needs to perform well at the gym. Examples Include:
    • Protein powder
    • Metabolism boosters
    • Supergreens powders
    • Collagen
    • Fiber-rich supplements

Follow a weekly or daily routine that helps you check all your boxes of both fitness and your nutrition regimen.  

The Best Workout Plan for Men’s Weight Loss - 7 Days

As promised, here is a workout plan that you can use to get you through the weeks as you make your way to a faster way to fat loss.

Monday: Arms & Upper Body (primary workout target) + Core (secondary workout)

  • Arms & Upper Body Example workouts:
    • Push-Ups - you can do these anywhere
    • Tricep overheads - use free weights
    • Lat pull downs - great for the gym! 
    • Dumbbell flyes - try incorporating various bench angles to isolate different muscle groups in your neck and shoulders
  • Core Example workouts:
    • Sit-Ups - do at home or in the gym
    • Russian twists - use a medicine ball to make this more challenging 
    • Plank - work in side planks to make it challenging

Tuesday: Legs (primary workout target) + Cardio (secondary workout)

  • Legs Example workouts:
    • Reverse leg lifts - work your hamstrings
    • Squats - add weight to keep it challenging
    • Calf raises - great workout you can do anywhere
  • Cardio Example workouts: Stair climber, rowing machine, or HIIT
    • Stair climber, aim for 30 - 40 minutes of cardio
    • Rowing machine - low impact, great for 
    • HIIT circuits - do a class or make your own from an online video!

Wednesday: Chest (primary workout target) + Core (secondary workout)

  • Chest Example workouts:
    • Dumbbell bench press -find modifications for the at-home version
    • Dips - great against any surface
  • Core Example workouts:
    • Bird Dogs - no gym or equipment needed!
    • Boat Pose - static pose for your entire core
    • Flutter Kicks - work your legs and add in arms for an extra challenge

Thursday:  Arms (primary workout target) + Legs (secondary workout)

  • Arms Example workouts:
    • Bicep Curls - getting creative with angles helps you target all areas
    • Chin-ups - use the assist at the gym if you need it
  • Legs Example workouts:
    • Wall Sits - a favorite you can do anywhere
    • Curtsey squats - works interior thighs as well
    • Leg press - use this machine at the gym for how to get lean muscle definition

Friday: Chest (primary workout target) + Core (secondary workout)

  • Chest Example workouts:
  • Core Example workouts:
    • Bicycle crunches - add a twist for all your abdominals
    • Glute Bridge - engage your butt and lower abs for this calorie burner
    • Dumbbell swings - targets your core, no trip to the gym or fancy weights necessary

Saturday: Cardio (only primary workout)

  • Cardio Example workouts: Aim for 30 - 40 minutes of cardio
    • Running
    • Swimming
    • Cycling
Sunday: Rest day, light cardio (elliptical/walk/treadmill), or yoga/stretching

Get Back in Shape Fast with a Fat-Burning Workout Plan for Men

Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t get to the gym every single day. There is still plenty you can do, including a few free weights exercises you can easily do at home. Depending on where you’re starting from, each person will start to see results at different times. It’s important to remember that fitness is a two-part equation and you need to work on the big picture: exercise & diet! They need to work together to help you fine-tune your body. Don’t forget to fuel your fitness journey with different things that can keep you in shape.

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