About Us


SPR Body was launched in 2018 bringing to life Rehan’s vision of providing high-performance nutritional products, that he helped developed with top university experts in the field of “body composition optimization” nutrition, to everyone at an affordable price. Until now, Rehan provided these supplements, with his diet and training programs, only to his elite body transformation clients which include some of the top movie and tv celebrities, musical artists, and athletes in the world.

His body transformation success rate over the past 20 years is nothing short of incredible, so much so that many consider him to be one of the top “body transformation” specialists in the world. However, these results were not achieved with supplements you find in stores, to achieve the results he and his clients demanded he needed to make his own supplements. This is how he got these kind of phenomenal body changes in fat-loss and lean muscle development.

Years in the process, Rehan’s vision is now a reality, with SPR Body’s new state of the art 300,000 square foot GMP and FDA compliant manufacturing and fulfillment facility in Wisconsin, and his research and product development center in California, everything is under the watchful eyes of Rehan and his team (see Science and Manufacturing Advisory Board).


All SPR Body nutrition supplements are tested and certified for quality, purity and safety using the cleanest ingredients. Our internal quality team works to verify every single component of manufacturing meets or exceeds industry best practices - so you can trust what's on the label is what you’re getting and nothing more.

What all this means is Rehan is still making his own supplements, just on a bigger scale and now you are the celebrity client. For the ultimate performance gains try all of Rehan’s supplements, they are designed to be stacked (taken together) for maximum gains!