90-Day Transformation Challenge New Year 2023
90-Day Transformation Challenge New Year 2023
By: Natalie Thrall

Are you ready for your best body yet? Don’t delay, sign up now! Click here to join our Transformation Protein Community | Facebook, where we’ll be opening the official sign-up on December 22nd. 

Official Rules



This challenge is FREE for all of our Facebook community members.  You don’t have to pay to join but you could win big!


This FREE 90-day New Year Transformation Challenge is starting Jan 2nd, 2023. The challenge will run from Jan 2nd thru April 1st, 2023.  


This challenge is absolutely FREE to all of our 18+ Facebook community members.  You must be a Transformation Protein Facebook Group member to sign up. You can click here to join our private group.

Transformation Protein Community | Facebook


Get ready to set your own goals for the next 90 days. With this challenge, Transformation will be providing you with the support and accountability you need to reach those goals. Join our 90-Day Challenge and we will help keep you accountable for reaching your fitness & nutritional goals. 

This is not a New Years resolution that you’ll abandon after 1 week. Our challenge will provide sustainable ways to keep your fire lit.

90-Day Challenge Offers:
  • Nutritional Support
  • Health and fitness resources
  • Strength Training Tips
  • Meal planning Tips
  • Recipes
  • Motivation
  • Community support
  • Supplement support
  • Accountability

Each week we’ll offer 5 challenge posts in our Facebook Group, along with a weekly check-in video from our Transformation Nutritionist, Dr. Nancy, to make sure you stay on track and are successful in hitting your personal challenge goals.

Set your own goals, follow your own meal plan, and workout at your own pace.  

Regardless of the goals you set for yourself, you can’t achieve them without consistency. This challenge is here to help keep you consistent and motivated with endless community support.

Giveaways & Prizes.

That’s right, we’ll be doing prizes & giveaways along the way for those who participate in this 90-day challenge. You could even be selected as our Transformation Challenge Winner, who will be awarded a grand prize of a $250 gift card. 

* Note: you must be a Transformation customer to win our grand prize *


Our 90-Day Transformation Challenge is a FREE challenge, so there is no risk to join but the rewards could be big! You will have a dedicated Transformation team and community to support you on your journey, and you could win some amazing prizes!

We will be awarding some top transformers, mini-challenge winners, and of course an overall challenge winner.  Winners will be based on goal achievement, challenge participation, and group engagement. In order to win any prizes, you must meet these requirements:

  • You are required to submit your current and after photos for the challenge
  • You are required to be a current Transformation customer 

    To Win the Grand Prize:

    • Hit your own personal goals, which you will set when you sign up for the challenge.  
    • Submit three current photos (front, side, back) so we can help you track your personal progress.  These photos will not be shared without your permission.  
    • Complete a check-in every 30 days. Then a final questionnaire to fill out about your experience with this challenge.  We want to hear about your progress and what habits you developed throughout this challenge!


    We hope that you experience a body transformation but we also know that some may have different goals they are working on and that’s great too! We encourage sharing your journey in the Facebook group and supporting other challenge members. 


  • Is there a meal plan? There will be weekly nutritional and meal prepping guidance with recommended recipes but we will not be providing a specific meal plan for you to follow.  Everyone is unique and has different likes and dislikes. There is no one size fits all meal plan and we believe in the value of helping our members find what works best for them.  We do not encourage diets, quick weight loss fixes, or strict meal plans. We want to stand back at the end of 90 days and know that our members are in control and have a good relationship with food.
  • Is there a workout plan? We will not be providing a daily workout routine for you to follow as everyone will be at different fitness levels and have different workout preferences.  We will help you determine which workout may be best for you and provide recommendations on how to help achieve your fitness goals. The goal of the challenge is to help you hit your goals, and those goals will vary per individual.  We hope that after 90-days your workouts turn into healthy habits.
  • Do you have to use Transformation supplements? We will be making recommendations on how to incorporate our supplements to help you hit your health and fitness goals but they are not required to join the challenge.  Please note that in order to be eligible to win the 90-Day Transformation Challenge, you do need to be a current customer (within the past 90 days).
  • What do I need? No specific equipment is required for this challenge.  We recommend that you dedicate a space in your home for workouts, if you do not belong to a gym.
  • How do I set a goal for the challenge?  We encourage you to think beyond the scale. What kind of changes do you hope to make in the next 90 days and how will those changes make an impact in your life? Your goal should be specific, measurable (you can take before photos, measurements, etc), attainable and realistic in the timeframe of the challenge. 


    Join the upcoming 90-Day Transformation Challenge New Year 2023 here

    If you want to be eligible to win, you will need to submit three current photos.  You will receive this link via email after you sign up.  If you can’t locate your email, please click here to submit your photos. We can’t wait to see your progress!

    Submit Photos Here 

    All Challenge posts will be made in the Transformation Protein Facebook Group. 

    If you are not already a member, we would be happy to have you join us.

    Transformation Protein Community | Facebook



    Each Transformation Challenge participant assumes all risk of injury or harm from participation in the Challenge.  Please consult with your physician or health care provider before starting any new exercise program, dietary program, nutrition or supplementation program, particularly if you suffer from any medical condition or use prescription or over the counter medications. If you are not experienced with exercise and strength training, it is recommended you consult with a qualified fitness trainer or coach. 


    Transformation Protein and the Transformation 90-Day Challenge Team are here to help you.  

    For general questions about the challenge or about our supplements, please email us at support@transformationprotein.com