What Are The Best Vitamins for Energy?
What Are The Best Vitamins for Energy?
By: Brian Wargula

How Vitamins Help Boost Energy

Believe it or not, it’s having the right vitamins in your diet that plays a key role in maintaining your energy levels. What’s your power level like throughout the day? Are you crushing it or do you find that you taper off into the afternoon?

When it comes to having the energy you need to get it done, there are several factors that play into your energy levels:

  • Lowered Stress Levels: Being in a constant state of anxiety or stress can increase your cortisol levels and leave you feeling depleted.
  • Regular Exercise: Even simple, low-intensity exercise is enough to help continuously boost your energy levels.
  • Good Diet and Proper Nutrition: Whole, unprocessed, and nutritious food helps keep your body fueled throughout the day 
  • Limiting Alcohol Consumption: because regular drinking can actually interfere with the body’s natural sleep patterns.
  • Avoiding Extreme Diets: Placing a lot of dietary restrictions on yourself might lead to a lack of calories that can leave you feeling sluggish. This can also lead to nutritional deficiencies.
  • Efficient Dietary Supplements: It’s important to take the vitamins that are right for you and your needs. 

Adding in a regular supplement to your diet is one of the easiest ways to help ensure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs to thrive. Give your diet and your food intake a closer look. Are you missing out on some important vitamins? Consider taking some different vitamin supplements that will allow you to fill in those gaps! Depending on the type of vitamins, minerals or other nutrients you're looking for, there are many specific formulations of vitamins for strength and stamina like vitamin D and A, as well as collagen peptides and protein powder that can offer you all the essential amino acids. Vitamin supplements can help facilitate your body’s natural energy production levels and ward off fatigue. 

Try These Vitamins for Energy

Get your energy back by finding the right combinations of vitamins and nutrients for boosting your natural energy levels. Before starting any kind of extreme new routine, be sure to consult with a physician or nutritionist. Ditch the caffeine, and once you have the green light, try these combinations to get you feeling alert throughout the day.

  • Calcium
    • Found in dairy or dark leafy greens
    • Helps strengthen bones
    • Also helps the heart, muscles and nerves also need calcium to function properly.
    • High calcium diets have shown to improve energy levels and aid in weight loss. 
  • Magnesium
    • Found in fish, almonds, and whole grains.
    • Helps with muscle functions, nerve functions, blood glucose control, and energy production.
    • Has been attributed to a healthier gut.
    • It is needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body, including breaking down glucose into energy.
  • Chromium
    • Found in foods like broccoli, whole grains, and meats
    • Changes and swings in blood sugar levels can wreak havoc on your body and energy levels
    • Chromium boosts energy levels by supporting healthy amounts of insulin, which means efficiently regulating the body’s natural blood sugar levels
    • Chromium helps convert the food you eat into usable energy for your body
  • Vitamin D
    • Found in eggs, salmon and other healthy meats.
    • Vitamin D keeps your immune system strong and can help regulate insulin levels, giving you more energy throughout the day.
  • Vitamin B12
    • Found in fish, meat and eggs.
    • This nutrient plays an essential role in forming new red blood cells, which transport oxygen throughout your body.
    • Helps cellular functions, and eliminates day-to-day fatigue
  • Iron
    • Found in meats, nuts, and legumes
    • An iron deficiency can lead to a condition called anemia, which can lead to brain fog and decreased immunity amongst other health problems
    • Making sure you are getting enough iron gives you more energy on a daily basis. 

Use Supplements for Energy All Day

Sometimes getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, eating a balanced diet, and managing stress isn’t enough to keep your natural energy levels up. Turning to supplements can be the only way to really ensure you are getting what you need. Choosing a good protein powder can be the fastest way to build lean muscle, recover faster, reduce inflammation and boost your immune system, all giving you more energy throughout the day. Transformation’s Collagen peptides is a multi-collagen blend we recommend adding into your daily supplement routine to reap all the collagen benefits. Not only is it flavorless, but it mixes easily into your morning coffee or protein smoothie to help fuel your workouts and your body.