Why Multi-Collagen Peptides Are Better Than The Rest
Why Multi-Collagen Peptides Are Better Than The Rest
By: Brian Wargula

Not All Collagen Is Alike 

The research is in, and taking collagen is good for you. If you’re late to the game, you should have started yesterday. However, now that the market is flooded with options, it's important to understand your own needs and how the different types of collagen might serve you. 

Collagen is the dominant protein in the human body––found in bones, muscles, skin, tendons and cartilage. There are at least 16 types of collagen in the body, but collagen supplements focus on the majority, which fall under 4 types: 

  • Type I
    • The most abundant. It accounts for about 90% of the body’s total collagen content. Type I is made of densely packed fibers, so it’s designed to help give structure to skin, bones, tendons, cartilage, connective tissues, and even teeth
  • Type II
    • Found in elastic cartilage, these are less dense than Type I.
  • Type III
    • This type forms the structures of your muscles, organs, and arteries.
  • Type IV
    • You’ll find type IV mostly in the different epidermal layers. 

The Two Best Kinds of Collagen

In general, Types I & II are the best types of collagen for your body when it comes to collagen supplements. As we age, our bodies' natural collagen production slows down, and supplementing is recommended for healthy skin, hair, muscles and muscles. At this point, collagen-rich foods and collagen supplements can help step in and fill the gap in your natural collagen production levels. Studies have shown that when taken daily, collagen peptides can help maintain radiant hair nails and skin as well as aid in joint and bone health.

Incorporating a daily supplement that uses collagen peptides Types I and III can help replenish your collagen for men and women. The results of these types of collagen help to support your strength and mobility. Because types I & III are two of the most prevalent forms in the body––comprising almost 90% of the collagen that makes up your skin, muscles, joints––these are the main types you should be taking in collagen peptides powder supplements. 

The results of these types of collagen help to support your strength and mobility. Collagen helps with making hair more full and improves skin, and supports joint health. Most people notice a difference within just a few months of taking these types of collagen daily. 

Understanding Marine vs. Bovine Collagen

When choosing a collagen supplement, its also important to weigh in not just what types of collagen it includes, but also how the supplement is sourced. Since bovine collagen is sourced from cows, it’s important to choose a bovine collagen supplement that has been humanely, ethically, and environmentally raised. Pasture and grass-fed collagen are the best and cleanest options for sourcing bovine collagen. 

Marine collagen is extracted from cold water fish. Some studies have suggested that marine collagen is more bioavailable than other types of collagen, since it is absorbed into the body faster. However marine collagen is primarily Type I, while bovine collagen is rich in both types I and III. It is also more cost-effective than marine collagen. Marine collagen might not provide the joint and cartilage support that you can get from bovine collagen. However a diet that comingles the types of collagen can help promote a healthy gut microbiome and be restorative. 

Support Your Body with High-Quality Collagen

Not all collagen supplements will deliver the results you’re after––it’s very important to consider what your goals are and set a supplement plan from there. As when trying any new diet or supplement plan for the first time, it’s important to consult your doctor or nutritionist before you begin. No matter what you decide to take,  high-quality supplements with no artificial sweeteners or fillers is paramount to looking and feeling better. 

Grass-fed bovine collagen peptides offer complete, well- rounded skin, nail, hair, and joint support when taken daily. When you supplement with collagen peptides Type I & III you give yourself the chance to replenish your body’s natural collagen stores.