Why Plant-Based Proteins Enhance a Blend
Why Plant-Based Proteins Enhance a Blend
By: Teresa Parker

Plant-based protein powder has become all the rage among exercise experts and enthusiasts in recent years. Many factors make this type of protein powder so appealing.

    • Low Calorie
      • 80 calories per serving of plant protein vs 120 calories or more in most whey protein powders. 
    • Lean Protein 
      • Many plant proteins contain all nine essential amino acids that your body cannot create and must get from food.
    • Rich in Iron
      • Consuming plant protein powder with vitamin C or vitamin-C-rich foods like citrus — can boost iron absorption by up to 67%
    • Works With Almost Any Special Diet 
      • It’s naturally vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and does not contain any of the top food allergens — whey, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, fish, shellfish, cow’s milk, wheat and soy

Along with providing the building blocks for healthy muscles and tissues, plant protein can be beneficial for weight loss. Plant-based proteins tend to be lower in calories and fat than animal proteins but higher in fiber and essential nutrients. Consuming a variety of plant proteins ensures you get all of the essential amino acids your body needs to maximize recovery, and it’s the best way to get a boost of vitamins, minerals, and other body enhancing nutrients.


Whether you want to lose weight, improve your health, or just follow a healthier diet, plant-based proteins are an important component. With more research and interest in the world of protein powders, health and fitness enthusiasts know their importance to both a great workout and a great nutrition plan.

Plant protein powder can help you achieve the multiple goals: 

    • Building Muscle
      • Studies show that plant protein helps build muscle just as well, or even better, than whey or soy protein powders. Consuming a protein shake after a workout helps with both muscle repair and muscle building.
      • However, adding extra protein to your diet without working out is not likely to have much effect on your muscles — it must be paired with consistent exercise.
    • Healthy Lifestyle
      • Plant protein powder can reduce some of the risk factors for heart disease, like elevated cholesterol and high blood pressure.
      • It's not derived from any of the most common allergenic foods (whey, milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, fish, shellfish, and wheat), which are often used to create protein supplements, so  it's a safe option for people with various dietary restrictions.


While plant-based protein has become extremely trendy for the reasons outlined, it doesn’t need to act as the sole source of nutrition when you’re trying to achieve your fitness goals. In fact, plant-based proteins do best when they’re enhancing a blend. 

The reason is that if you’re training like a pro, you want to aim for “complete proteins” with a complete profile of 100 percent of the amino acids you need. While some plant-based or vegan protein powders are complete proteins, many on the market today are not, so you need to supplement in other ways to fill in the gaps. 

Reading labels and choosing a blend that incorporates plant-based protein is crucial to choosing the best protein powder. Look for BCAAs, short for “branched-chain amino acids,” three protein building blocks, including leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Look for two parts leucine to one part isoleucine to one part valine. These ingredients are ideal for muscle building, fat loss, and fatigue. 


Transformation Protein is a complete egg white, collagen and plant protein blend. It’s loaded with 30 grams of protein and contains all nine essential amino acids. It is a pure protein: free of sugar and artificial sweeteners and it’s gluten-free, dairy-free and does not contain any of the top food allergens.

Transformation Protein’s formula contains 60% protein, 32% carbohydrates, and 8% fats with 3 grams of leucine per serving to trigger optimal body composition changes, MCT coconut oil for  brain power, prebiotics, probiotics and key digestive enzymes for gut health and more. 

All in, this makes Transformation Protein’s unique blend of egg-white, collagen and plant-based protein the perfect solution for anyone trying to lose weight, bulk up, or get lean by maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle. 

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