10 Reasons to Start Taking a Gut Health Supplement
10 Reasons to Start Taking a Gut Health Supplement
By: Brian Wargula

Why Gut Health Is Important

More than just a health trend––gut health is really paramount. The power of a well-balanced gut is often underestimated, and it actually holds the key to all-around well being. Neglecting your gut health can have serious health ramifications. That’s because it may mean your body will struggle to get the vitamins and minerals you need to look and feel your best. An unbalanced gut can also contribute to problems fighting off bad cells and bacteria.

Your gut also helps facilitate communication throughout the body. Without a balanced gut, hormones and endocrine messages aren’t transmitted or received as well throughout the body. Probiotics and vitamins are key to making sure that your body gets what it needs to maintain a healthy gut flora.

10 Reasons You Need Healthy Gut Supplements

Gut health supplements should be on everyone’s daily nutrition list because you may not get everything you need in your daily nutrition. Maintaining gut health may require a little bit of assistance from time to time. There are several factors that can impact your gut health:

  • Stress
  • Sleep
  • Diet
  • Medications

That’s where healthy gut supplements come into play––they can aid in filling gaps in gut nutrition that you might have, which will make an overall impact on how you look and feel. So if you aren’t on the healthy gut train, it's time to get your gut health in check. Here are 10 reasons why you need to make sure you are giving your gut what it needs through supplements.

1. Supports Healthy Digestion

Maintaining a healthy gut microbiome is a must if you want your body to be able to absorb vitamins and minerals from your healthy nutrition. Taking the right combination of probiotics can help maintain your microbiome and make sure that you are digesting your food properly. When this happens, you’re not getting what you need from your diet to keep everything running smoothly. Trying to cleanse your gut before you add in a new routine is ideal.

2. Reinforces the Gut-Brain Axis

It’s important to support your gut health because of the effects that your gut has on your mental health & brain power. There’s been a growing group of studies that suggest that gut health is intricately linked with mental health. The basic takeaway is that when your gut is out of balance the different parts of your body don’t communicate as well. As a result, you might struggle with hormonal imbalance, which can contribute to a variety of cognition performance (i.e., concentration and memory) or mental health issues. SO maintaining a positive brain-gut health connection is key.

3. Can Help Mitigate Allergies

Hard to believe, but there is now a lot of research-backed studies out there that show one of the ways to curb your pesky allergies may lie in maintaining a healthy gut. Science has shown that there’s a link between gut health and the rising prevalence of allergies and asthma. can help mitigate allergies. Additionally, a disruption in healthy gut acidity can lead a bacteria called Candida tends to flourish, which can decrease our resistance to environmental allergens. It can also result in eczema flare ups. So keeping it in check with intestinal health supplements can help you keep these issues at bay.

4. Boosts the Amount of Good Bacteria

Ever heard of good bacteria? Yup, it's key in the gut health realm. Many gut-related health issues happen when the bad bacteria dominate the good. Gut supplements can help reinforce the gut microbiome and restore good bacteria that may have been destroyed by poor diet or antibiotics.

5. Good Gut Health = Healthy Immune System

In truth humans contain more bacterial cells than human cells. They are a part of our internal ecosystem and helping your body fight off the bad stuff is best done through a proactive approach to your nutrition. The immune system is a network of cells that works to protect the body from diseases and germs. The gut microbiome acts as a bacterial gatekeeper and helps signal to your immune system when bad bacteria are trying to invade your body.

6. Can Aid in Fat & Weight Loss

Who doesn’t love a supplement that can also help you maintain an ideal weight?! Poor gut health ultimately impacts your ability to lose weight. Negatively. Your gut is where the most important digestion and nutrient absorption takes place. When it’s out of balance, then your body might digest foods in a way that hinders weight loss. An example would be how this unbalance could lead to digesting fiber and starches into instant sugars. So keeping the probiotics handy is actually the way to make sure you are on track to keep your weight ideal.

7. They’re a Lesser-Known Secret to Healthy, Glowing Skin

Your gut health plays a role in maintaining healthy, glowing skin. You may have heard of it referred to as the gut-skin axis. Because our gut plays a role in regulating hormones and neutralizing pathogens/germs/viruses, it also plays an essential role in keeping our skin glowing and healthy. So keeping the vitamins for a healthy gut are not only going to help you feel your best, you may notice clearer, glowing skin.

8. Help Reduce Cortisol Levels

Ever heard that to reduce stress you need to manage your cortisol levels? Since the  gut helps regulate hormone production, it helps manage and dissipate the stress hormone cortisol. For those that are chronically stressed, your body is often flooded with cortisol. When your cortisol levels remain unchecked (i.e. due to poor diet or lack of stress management techniques), it can lead to weight gain. A healthy diet and happy gut are an easy way to help mitigate the effects of cortisol on the body.

9. Balance Spikes in Blood Sugar

Reinforcing your gut health can help you balance potential spikes in blood sugar. 

The microbiome in your gut plays an essential role in managing your blood sugar levels––good bacteria and enzymes target special pathways in the liver, intestine, and pancreas. As your gut health is improved it results in glycemic control, improved insulin resistance, and even reduced inflammation.

10. Can Help Reduce Bloating

If your jeans are fitting really tight all the sudden, you can go ahead and give yourself a little bit of a break. Many people don’t realize how often––and how extreme––bloat can actually get. Constipation, extra water weight and intestinal gas can all be contributing factors in keeping you bloated. Naturally these issues need to be tackled at the gut level. Maintaining a healthy gut can lead to less bloating and contribute to losing inches around your waistline. Try incorporating supplements for healthy gut flora as well as pre and probiotic-rich foods to keep your gut thriving and balanced to avoid intestinal bloating.

Get the High-Quality Gut Health Supplement You Need

In short, maintaining a healthy gut is important for your body in many ways. Your gut microbiome is actually at the axis of brain health, skin health, and helps regulate many essential functions throughout the body so that we look and feel our best. Consulting with your nutritionist or doctor about a good gut supplement are created equally. You should find a high-quality gut supplement that doesn’t include fillers or artificial ingredients. Transformation Protein’s Supergreens is the ultimate alkaizing mix of organic powdered greens to keep your gut healthy.