Best Collagen Supplements for Every BODY
Best Collagen Supplements for Every BODY
By: Brian Wargula

What Is Collagen?

As one of the most abundant proteins in your body, there are 28 different types of collagen. However there are three that are the most prominent.

  • But three are the most prominent
    • Type I
      • Skin, tendons, organs, and bones
    • Type II
      • Cartilage & joints
    • Type III
      • Skin, ligaments, and blood vessels

Our bodies naturally produce collagen. As we age, our bodies need more collagen to replace. Collagen production can also be affected by other environmental stressors like sun damage, smoking and poor diet.  Giving collagen back can help to give your body the chance to feel closer to 100%.  Beneficial collagen supplements will aid in the types that we need to restore as we age.

This is where the benefits of collagen protein supplements come in. Taking a collagen powder daily can replenish some of those depleting stores and help replace what we used to have naturally. Giving collagen back can help to give your body the chance to feel closer to 100%. There are 28 types of collagen, but only four main types that our bodies use. Taking a complete collagen supplement for men and women has become a new norm, especially for those over the age of 30.

The Benefits of Collagen Supplements

Let’s face it, as we age we all feel the tug of less sleep or a few poor diet choices in a much more severe way. For those trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle, more energy, and maintain their youth, collagen supplements can be a great option. It can be a great all around supplement to add to your diet. Some of the primary benefits of taking collagen supplements include:

  • Better skin elasticity
  • Healthier bones and joints
  • Reduction in inflammation
  • Improved cardio stamina and increase in muscle mass

Taking collagen daily as a supplement is the only way to help ensure that you can reap the benefits. But don’t expect to see results overnight. It takes time for your body to rebuild your collagen stores. You can expect to start to see a difference in your skin, nails, and muscles/tendons within some approximate time frames, according to studies and self-reported observations:

  • Skin: 4 - 12 weeks
  • Nails: 24 weeks
  • Muscles: 3 months
  • Joints: 4 - 6 months

How to Find the Best Collagen Supplements

So how do you know what supplements to take when it comes to collagen? Multi-collagen peptides are one of the best options out there when it comes to hydrolyzed collagen peptides. You also want to source clean hydrolyzed, multi-peptide collagen supplements.

Things you should avoid:

  • Fillers
  • Artificial flavors
  • Artificial sweeteners

You also want to source clean hydrolyzed, multi-peptide collagen supplements. The best, highest quality blend of collagen contains an amino acid (proline) which helps clear fat and plaque from arteries, which means it can help promote a heart healthy lifestyle. Transformation’s Collagen peptides is a multi-collagen bovine blend that you can add into your daily supplement routine to reap all the collagen benefits. Not only is it flavorless, but it mixes easily into your morning coffee or protein smoothie to help fuel your workouts and your body.

There are two kinds of collagen supplements in terms of where they are derived from––marine and bovine collagen. While some studies have suggested that marine collagen is marginally more digestible and easier to absorb, it really comes down to personal preference. Bovine collagen tends to offer more protein and less upset stomachs.


Collagen FAQs

  • Are collagen peptides equal to protein?

 A: Collagen is technically a protein, but it differs from traditional protein. Collagen tends to have a slightly different amino acid breakdown. It's not enough to take collagen supplements to boost muscle mass gain.

  • Should you take collagen and protein together?

A: You may also need to couple it with a protein powder to get the best results and promote quick muscle repair/recovery.

  • Which form of collagen is most effective?

A: Hydrolyzed collagen peptides are most easily absorbed by the body, hydrolyzation process breaks down the amino acids making them easier for your body to digest.

  • Which is best: collagen pills or powder?

A: Ultimately, collagen’s effectiveness isn’t determined by pill or powder. It comes down to what’s inside that counts, plus a little personal preference.Hydrolyzed collagen peptides with types I & III is the best, regardless of how you take it.

  • Who can take collagen?

A: Anyone who feels like their joints, muscles, hair, skin, and nails could use a little boost.

Boosting Your Health & Fitness with the Best Collagen Supplements

Taking collagen supplements have numerous benefits, and it’s a must for keeping you looking, feeling, and physically performing your best. Introducing more collagen peptides beyond just those that you absorb naturally through foods helps ensure that your body is getting enough. Every BODY needs to replenish what you lost to keep you healthy as you age.

Adding a more nutrient dense collagen peptides supplement can only help you really start to see a difference and ensure you are getting what you need on a daily basis. Taking hydrolyzed collagen peptides blend collagen powder can help your body begin to restore what you lose and keep you healthy as you age.