5 Easy Lower Ab Workouts to Strengthen Your Core
By: Teresa Parker

Most of us have been engaged in a battle with lower belly fat since reaching adulthood, so strengthening this particular set of muscles can be particularly challenging. 

The good news? It's never too late to incorporate these 5 simple ab workouts into your routine. The better news? Toning your lower abdominal muscles has multiple health benefits beyond just getting a flat toned look. 


Particularly as we age the body tends to store fat in the lower abdomen. Subcutaneous fat––aka the fat you can pinch, and visceral fat––the fat inside your belly both accumulate for a number of reasons including diet, genetics, lifestyle and inflammation. All reasons culminate in the pesky “innertube” look that people dislike. While you can’t change your genes, altering your diet and following these ab workouts for men and women can help in your quest to get rid of lower belly fat. 

Consuming more calories than what you burn is the main culprit of adding more visceral fat. Instead of eating more, eat smarter. Consider healthy proteins and raw fruits and vegetables to feel fuller longer. Adding protein powder to smoothies can be an excellent way to fuel your body while aiming to eliminate lower body fat.


  • Double leg lifts 
  • A great workout to isolate your lower abdominals, this one can often be challenging for beginners. Start by laying down flat on the floor and bringing up both legs at the same time. Use this workout as a benchmark to watch your progress!

  • Scissor Kicks
  • This workout helps stabilize the core while engaging multiple leg and abdominal muscles. With your back flat on the ground, lift up both lgas and begin to cross them over one another, mimicking the shape of scissors. Repeat for 20-30 seconds, and aim to start with 3 rounds, working your way up as you get stronger. 

  • Alt V-Ups 
  • This exercise engages the whole body, and strengthens your core while working on coordination. While lying on your back lift try making a V-shape with your body by bringing up the opposite arm to touch the opposite leg. Continue crossovers for 10-20 reps. 

  • Plank Hold
  • This exercise requires a static hold which works the core muscles in the back as well as in the stomach, strengthening the spinal column and tightening the lower abs. Starting from the push-up position use the weight of your own body to hold your position for 30 seconds at a time. Be sure to stay straight and not dip your low back. 

  • Mountain Climbers 
  • Mixing in cardio and using the lower abdominals to pull in the weight of your legs is key with this workout. To start place your hands on the ground under your shoulders and come up to your tiptoes. Pull your legs in one at a time as though you were climbing a mountain or running on the ground. With controlled movements, continue alternating reps to reach 30-50 at a time.


    Beyond wanting to look toned or fit into your pants, toning your core is actually essential to maintaining your overall health. Consider adding these exercises into your daily workout routine to promote a myriad of health benefits. Here are just a few ways to feel inspired to tone your lower core. 

      • Prevent Injury - A strong core can not only help stabilize your movements, but can also help prevent injuries such as muscle strain or lower back spasms.
      • Improve Posture - Weak core muscles lead to slouching. Good posture trims your silhouette and projects confidence. 
  • Greater Balance and Stability - Your core muscles are made up of several muscle groups including the abdominal, pelvic, lower back and hip muscles. Together they are responsible for stabilizing and supporting your body. Keeping your core strong helps prevent falls as you age. 
  • Weight Loss - It’s no secret that losing weight starts with diet and exercise. When your core is stronger you will find that almost every other exercise will be easier.


    While exercise is key in getting rid of stubborn lower belly fat, it can really only be banished with a healthy diet. Eliminating trans-fats, excess carbohydrates and anything that may trigger inflammation. Eating right and avoiding excess will help keep your trim on track. Properly fueling your body for workouts will allow you to work harder and recover faster. 

    A well-balanced diet with ample amounts of protein will help kick start the muscle-building process and boost your metabolism. When you eat protein, your body breaks the protein down into amino acids. Those amino acids in turn help to repair and grow new muscles. Including a high quality protein powder into your post-workout routine will help you achieve your goals faster. Consider how a premium multi-protein superblend made from plant, collagen, and egg whites can effect your transformation. 

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