How to Make Your Next Cleanse Work: Detox Supplements
How to Make Your Next Cleanse Work: Detox Supplements
By: Brian Wargula

The History of Detox Diets

There’s a reason that cleanses are all the rage these days as far as health trends; they work. Cleansing and detoxing have actually been around for centuries. Purifying the body and ridding it of toxins has been around since the days of Ancient Rome. Even then, they recognized the negative effects of heavy metals like lead and mercury. Ancient detoxing methods included warm and cold baths that expelled these heavy metals by sweating them out. In traditional Chinese medicine there is the idea that the body can benefit immensely from regular detoxification and a detox drink or tea for a full body cleanse. 

One of the oldest forms of medicine in the world, Ayurveda, believed that toxins were a primary root cause of many illnesses. Removing toxins from the body through cleansing elixirs could help keep you healthy. The ancient Nordic practice of saunas has stuck around as a mean to clean pores and feel detoxed. The purpose of detoxing is not to just remove toxins but to practice healthier habits. The less invasive we have to be removing these toxins, the better off we’ll be. And the myriad of benefits actually extend beyond just weight loss. 

The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly of Detox Diets

Not all detox diets work. And some detox drinks and detox pills can actually make things worse. Cleanses and detoxes all need to be balanced with the right amount of hydration, nutrition, and fully understanding what detox products your putting into your body. To bypass the low-quality detox foods and drinks, you have to look at the ingredients list. The best way to get an effective detox is sticking with clean, whole, healthy ingredients and supplements. Avoiding magic detox pills, foods and detox drinks that are filled with sugars or artificial flavors and coloring is your best bet. 

The ugly side of detoxing is that it can make you sick if you choose the wrong route. They can sometimes be ineffective or dangerous to your health.  You should always plan on consulting your general practitioner or nutritionist before making any dramatic changes to your diet. 

Deciding what your goals are is the first step for the detox––whether its weight loss, general cleanse, or a targeted cleanse for your skin, gut or liver health will help set you on the right path to get the best results. Cleanses can be good for you and most effective when you have a plan and the right supplements for your detox diet.  Here are some pro tips to keep you on track with any detox cleanse:

  • Stick to all-natural solutions, if possible: teas, fruit water (like lemon or cucumber water)
  • Give your body the boost of vitamins and minerals it needs to reset
  • Stay extra hydrated
  • Use more protein in your detox drinks to make sure you are getting enough nutrients to sustain yourself throughout the cleanse 
  • Be wary of diuretic detox pills that can dehydrate you, make sure to increase your water intake while detoxing

How to Get the Most Out of Your Cleanse

Any nutritionist or fitness pro will tell you there are nutritional modifications/swaps you can make to get the most out of your detox. Making sure you’re getting the most out of your cleanse means you might need to re-think where you get your protein from. While your body may be used to getting protein from foods (like meats or legumes), a detox regimen can eliminate some of your typical sources of protein. Changing to a cleaner alternative that can be added to your detox drinks and smoothies. 

Using a high-quality protein like Transformation Protein’s vanilla or chocolate can help you get enough protein daily when you're not following your typical diet. This can help make up for what you may be losing via food and make sure that your detox cleanse diet still gives you the fuel you need to get through your day and power through workouts. 

Sometimes, a detox is needed because we’re not getting the right mixture of nutrients to support our body’s natural detoxification process. Adding in an organic greens supplement can additionally boost your gut microbiome and help flush out toxins. Additionally, using powders like collagen can boost the detox of your body’s largest organ: your skin. As we age, the body needs the right types of collagen to be consumed in larger amounts to be effective. Replenishing your skin and joint health with a collagen supplement will add to the effectiveness of any cleanse. 

Stick with High-Quality Detox Supplements for High-Quality Results

Using extra supplements when detoxing is paramount. Not just any detox supplements will do. It's vital that you’re getting all the vitamins and minerals you need for your body to restore its natural balance. That’s why you should look for well-rounded nutritional supplements that are made with all-natural or organic ingredients. 

Transformation’s Organic Super Greens powder can help restore your body’s biome and purge your body of any toxins that may need to be flushed out. This fine blend of organic powdered greens contains all the dark leafy goodness in favorites like kale, spinach, broccoli, and wheat grass (just name a few) in a powder blend that is perfect for mixing with water, smoothies, or blended in with food favorites like guacamole. Going heavy on organic alkalizing greens for your next detox cleanse may just the exact thing you need to look and feel amazing.