Everything You Need to Know About Super Greens Powder
Everything You Need to Know About Super Greens Powder
By: Brian Wargula

What Is A Super Greens Powder?

We’ve turned into an on-the-go, health-hacking society with endless tech and the good news––nutritional products have kept up! Don’t have enough time to eat all the vegetables you should? Now you no longer have an excuse. Thank the rise of greens powders. Greens powders are typically a version of ground, dehydrated fruits and veggies that are designed to help fill in any gaps in your nutrition.

Let’s face it––eating copious amounts of fruits and veggies can start to feel like a chore. Plus you need so many different kinds to get an optimal vitamin and mineral mix. Enter the super greens powder. These supplemental powders are ground so fine that it makes it easy to get in a kind of variety that you would not be able to get otherwise. They also tend to be low in calories, mix easily with water and offer the complete nutrition that your body needs to thrive. Dark leafy greens like kale, chard, and spinach along with antioxidant-rich berries are just a few of the health-boosting ingredients you can usually find in a greens powder. It turns out that just adding one of these superfood doses to your day can help you stay on top of your health.

Breaking Down the Nutrition of the Best Super Greens Powder

Yup, sorry they are not all created equal. Many contain unnecessary carbs, unnatural sugars, or a low variety of fruits & veggies. Our Super Greens powder was designed specifically to pick where other brands left off. With a certified organic super greens powder you can get all of what you need and nothing you don’t. 

Here is some of how the some of key nutrient breakdown for our super greens powder plays into your everyday health and wellness:

  • Calcium
    • Promotes bone density.
    • Supports a healthy heart, muscles, & nervous system.
    • Can help boost energy levels and aid in weight loss.
  • Vitamin A
    • Supports healthy keratin production levels for strong nails and hair.
    • Can help boost collagen production.
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin C
    • One of nature’s best natural antioxidants.
    • Boost natural collagen production level and helps skin.
    • Supports robust immune system.
  • Zinc
    • Also a MUST when it comes to a healthy immune system to help fight off bad viruses and bacteria.
    • Isn’t produced by the body, so it’s necessary to eat foods with zinc to maintain healthy levels.
    • Boosts cell turnover and healthy enzymatic activitiy in the body.

What Are the Benefits of Super Greens Powder?

There are many benefits of taking a daily super greens powder, and depending on your commitment to a healthy new routine some people even start seeing results as soon as the first month. Like any new health routine, the key is consistency. Here are some primary benefits of our super greens powder and the potential ways you might notice them:

  • Boosted Immunity
      • Because of all the vitamins & minerals offered with green superfoods benefits, they support the healthy growth and function of immune cells & producing antibodies.
      • You may notice fewer colds, a lingering runny nose or cough that finally ends, and a stronger defense system during cold & flu season.
  • Detox/Alkalize
      • Super greens help you detox. Many foods are acidic or alkaline. Unfortunately most carbs, dairy, meats, and even fruits fall into the acidic category. In order to keep your gut balanced, you’ll need to make sure you eat a mixture. Part of the appeal of dark leafy greens is how alkaline they are. Consuming them––even via powder can help balance and cleanse your gut, detoxing your system.
      • You may notice fewer digestive problems, stomach aches, and decreased irritation from acidic foods.
  • Improve Energy
      • The best way to avoid burnout throughout the day is NOT more coffee. Instead, packing your afternoon with low-calorie superfoods can improve your energy. Instead of becoming lethargic as your body tries to process excess calories and carbs, super foods give your body the exact nutrients it needs to function, improving energy.
      • You may notice that you can power through your day without feeling sleep, lazy or distracted.
  • Healthier Gut
      • The more you give your gut what it needs, the more it can function efficiently. The antioxidants in Super Greens powder help eliminate toxins in the gut and keep it functioning smoothly. A healthier gut means better digestion, and more energy and has even been linked to an improved mood.
      • You may notice that you feel better after every meal, as your digestive system begins to function more efficiently.

    How to Squeeze in Your Daily Super Greens Powder

    Drinking your super greens is one of the quickest, easiest, and most common ways of squeezing your daily super greens in. You can add it to water, mix it in with your favorite shake, or even add it into a sauce like salad dressing, pesto, or guacamole. Because of its powder form, it's even easy to add it to a batter to make power waffles, protein balls, or healthy muffins. For more tips, head to our recipe page on delicious ways to use your new favorite ingredient.

    Boost Your Health & Wellness with a Delicious Daily Super Greens Powder

    The microbiome in your gut plays an essential role in managing important functions in body. From digestion, to detox, to working improving your immune system and boosting your energy. Helping your gut––and your body be at its peak is really up to the foods you eat. Don’t worry if you don’t have time to eat the perfect well-balanced diet of raw foods everyday. The truth is no one does. But there are plenty of ways to help yourself out and super greens powder is by far one of the most powerful health hacks. Spending every day knowing that you are giving your body all the best parts of dark leafy greens it craves can help you truly look and feel your best.